Complimentary Client Closet

One of the best perks of booking a session with me – is the Complimentary Client Closet! That means you are welcome to wear ANY of these beautiful dresses for your session!

I have categorized the dresses by size – a lot of them fit a variety of sizes due to some flexibility in the material, so that’s why you’ll see a couple dresses in different categories. I’ve labeled them with names so you’re easily able to tell me which ones you’re interested in. I will bring up to 5 selections to any given shoot. Or if you let me know what size you normally are and what color you’d like to dress in, I can happily choose a few that I think would look great! Feel free to email me with any questions:

Fits like a small:

Fits like a Medium:

Fits like a Large:

Maternity :


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