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When I became a mother, I was unprepared for the amount of love I was about to experience. It was an overwhelming love. A love that could rock my emotions to the core. I remember sitting there in my rocking chair, snuggling my sweet baby girl, white noise playing in the background, and wanting this moment to last forever. Wanting it so badly that it brought tears to my eyes knowing these moments would only be temporary.  I didn't want to do anything but breathe in all the goodness swaddled in my arms. 

These are the moments that mean to most to me. Those fleeting, endearing moments. Those special interactions with your loved ones that if you aren't careful pass us by so quickly. Preserving those images for you to have forever is, for me, the greatest gift of all.

Meet Shawna

I'm Shawna! I'm a small town girl raised to dream big and chase your dreams. I've been fascinated with photography my entire life and the powerful effect it has on our souls. If I weren't a photographer, I'd likely pursue pottery or painting as I love all things crafty! I love simplicity and I love being kind.  I love trying new things and gaining new experinces, especially when traveling is involved! I'm slightly obsessed with keeping fresh flowers in my home because it reminds me to slow down and breathe in the moment.

My Family

Almost ten years ago I moved to this beautiful land in Virginia Beach and fell in love! The salty air, the beautiful sunsets, and the wide array of activities captivated me! Shortly after moving here, I met my now husband Ryan and we got engaged just three months later! I'm a firm believer in following your heart, and I couldn't be happier to where it led me! Now here we are seven years and two beautiful children later - and I still couldn't imagine a better person to share this adventure of life with! 

In our free time you can find us riding our bikes through the neighborhood, on the hunt for the next best fish tacos in town, or scavenging the beach for even the tiniest bit of seashells. I am so blessed to be a momma to Ava and Juliette, and won't deny my love of snuggling in to watch princess movies as much as possible.

Now that you've heard my story, I'd love to hear yours! Contact me so we can start planning how to document your very own journey.

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